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Yıldız Meşrubat

Yıldız Meşrubat was established and registered as a private firm at Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in 1974. Since 1989 it is operating as a «Limited Liability Company». Starting from 1998 the operation area was extended beyond the borders of Istanbul. Much attention has been paid to dynamic and innovative approaches in all activity fields to guarantee confident and continuous growth of the company since early days of its establishment. Our company represents the brands of world market leaders in FMCG sector.


Being a Part of Yıldız

Our company has a conscious attitude to provided service, products, and quality of personnel. The level of provided service is kept at a high level thanks to professional and delicate approach to our responsibilities.


As Yıldız Meşrubat we are providing service at several places in Turkey.

  • Divisions :6
  • Staff :600+
  • Vehicles :300+
  • Distributorships :6

HR Policy

  • Creatıng and disseminatıng policies that will ensure the establishment of honest, transparent, fair, respectful and trust-based relationships.
  • Choosing and developing dynamic and professional human resources among candidates who are in line with the corporate culture and goals.
  • Organizing trainings that will serve our company's goals and personal development of our staff, and measuring their effectiveness.
  • Implementing and managing performance management system based on competencies and objectives, designed to build a superior performance organization for our staff.
  • As a company that invests and values people, developing and managing systems that are constantly monitored and improved from occupational health and safety point.

Yıldız Meşrubat

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